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Pete Fournier's Core Video Package

Tired of feeling stuck? Are you hardly getting by? It's time to break free of your old systems and processes that aren't working and reach your potential!

Get these five training videos that have helped hundreds of agents breakthrough and achieve their dreams!!


Pete's Perfect Presentation (Live Recording)

~ 15 minutes

  • My proven presentation steps
  • Seamlessly transition from report building to the pitch
  • Address every rebuttal before it occurs
  • Solidify the sale before you even leave the house
  • Word for word scripts to get it all done


How To Increase Your Retention Rate (Webinar Recording)

~ 20 minutes

  • Address every rebuttal before it occurs
  • Eliminate any other insurance agent from coming in behind you
  • Avoid 'buyer's remorse'
  • Lay the groundwork for future sales and referrals


How To Earn $150,000 In AP Per Year From Referrals (Webinar Recording)

~ 30 minutes

  • The magic question to ask for referrals
  • The most effective way to sell the referrals you get
  • The exact scripts to use
  • How to keep your referral train running year after year


How To Solve Your Lead Struggles In 4 Steps (Webinar Recording)

~ 35 minutes

  • Get away from your reliance on costly leads, and start operating your business the right way
  • Learn where, when, and how to use each lead type to set yourself up for success


Ultimate Senior Close (Webinar Recording) 

~ 20 minutes

  • The opening questions you need to transition into a life insurance presentation
  • How to build trust with multiple product verticals
  • Exactly what to say to overcome objections BEFORE they occur
  • Conceptual selling techniques to simplify the selling process